Bay Leaf & Tobacco - Shampoo Bar / Conditioner Bar Set

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Zesty notes of citrus provide an excellent contrast to the depth of white cedarwood and oakmoss.

Get the set! One of each in the same fragrance.

Don't see a fragrance that you want? Let me know! I'll make it for you!

Resealable packaging is being phased out!- You all have spoken and the regular packaging is being replaced! Once the original packaging is all gone, it's gone forever! Reduced packaging includes a recyclable glassine paper bag. Resealable pouches will no longer be offered. So you may get the regular and you may bet the reduced. Listing will be updated once all of the original packaging is gone.

These bad boys not only travel well, but they last forever [no, not really- but a long time] and I feel better knowing that I'm not wasting any product! There are no bottles to mess around with and no surprises when you're running low.

While I do not claim that these are natural bars- they are made with a great many naturally derived ingredients which make them even more delicious for your hair [but seriously, don’t eat them... please]


Shampoo bars are concentrated cleansing goodness that you rub directly onto your hair to create lather and then massage in with your fingers. This is a general formula, not for oily or dry hair specifically.

Are you wondering “But where are those noodley looking things that are always in shampoo bars?!” well you see... I melt them and mix them into the rest of the ingredients.... no biggey, just how I roll. This also makes sure that all of that ingredient is dispersed evenly through the bar- and your hair!

HOW TO USE: Wet your hair and rub the bar directly onto your scalp to create a lather. Massage lather through hair.

HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE: Shampoo will lather in water and usually has a rougher surface.


Conditioner bars are concentrated moisture and goodness that you rub directly onto your hair. Hold the bar in your palm and run it over wet hair ends. This product doesn’t need to go straight to the root! This is also a general formula, not for oily or dry hair specifically, but for all hair types.

HOW TO USE: Saturate hair with water. Rub bar directly on to hair. I suggest using two hands and sandwiching your hair between the bar and your palm. Work the conditioner through your hair using downward strokes of the bar over your wet hair. Massage conditioner through hair.

HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE: Conditioner will not lather in water, has a very smooth surface and is usually quite slippery when wet!

***We use only natural silicone alternatives and sustainably sourced, phthalate/paraben free ingredients.