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Sometimes a design just doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped...

Sometimes I make too much of a custom order...

Sometimes my molding of a product isn't what I wanted it to be -> Curse you, Bath Bombs!...

Sometimes I am discontinuing a product...

Sometimes I just want to make MORE STUFF!

Mostly though... I make things that I’m too lazy to photograph and list...

I'm packaging all of these things up and selling them at a discount TO YOU!

The only catch.... you don't really know what you're getting.

Want to take a chance on me?

Items available here will change depending on what I have on hand so be sure to keep coming back!

Options Available:

Small, Medium, Large Packs: These are any and everything I can get my hands on that I'm willing to part with. They can be discontinued items, currently stocked items, custom items.... these items, those items... get the point yet? Rest assured, you won't ever get a full bag of the same scent of the same thing. I'm not cruel.

Packages may include any [or all ;)] of the following:

- Bath Bomb Dust AKA Boo Boo Bombs
- Soaps of all shapes and sizes
- mini Bath Bombs
- Full Size Bath Bombs
- Butter Bars
- Body Butter
- Shampoo Bars
- Conditioner Bars
- Bath Truffles
- Shower Steamers
- Bubble Scoops
- Bubble Dust
- promises of things to come
ETC ETC ETC ETC... for ever and ever and ever.... there may even be items that I haven't listed!

- these are NOT packaged as "Gift Sets". Packaging is inconsistent and not necessarily pretty :D
- EACH ITEM will be reduced by 30% or more!
- scents will be random
- items will be random depending on package options
- all products are completely useable despite how pretty they may or may not be
- packaging may vary for each product of the same type
- not all items will be labelled with their scent
- some items may have solely perfunctory labels
- purchasing more than one set can mean that you receive some of the same items twice